Wholesaler Financing

Wholesale and distribution are vital to our economy, they essentially supply the rest of our businesses, large and small. Running a wholesale business is extremely challenging, especially when there’s a disruption in your supply chain, or you need to purchase more inventory before your receivables come in. You need to buy your inventory in bulk to take advantage of bulk discounts, but sometimes your natural cash flow isn’t enough.

Benefits of Wholesaler Financing

When you need to purchase supplies in bulk before you’re paid, your cash flow takes a hit. This can be devastating if it gets in the way of the various other expenses you face running your business, like maintaining your warehouse, paying your staff, or shipping/distributing orders. To sell in bulk, you need to buy in bulk. When your cash flow doesn’t align with your customers’ demands, you need to seek external sources of working capital. Getting funding from your bank will take weeks or even months between the application process, underwriting, and actual disbursement of your loan. This is if you even qualify. In Advance Capital offers a streamlined, low-documentation application process designed to waste as little of your time as possible and get you the funding you need fast.

How to Get a Cash Advance For Wholesale and Distribution Companies

Once you submit your single-page application with your last three bank statements, you’ll hear back with a funding offer within a few hours. Once you accept your offer and agree on your repayment terms which are determined by your bank account balances and cash flow (so you’re guaranteed a payment you can afford), you’ll receive your funding in as little as a single business day. You can have up to $500,000 in your business bank account that quickly! Fill out the form below to have one of our expert funding specialists reach out to you and walk you through the entire process from start to finish.

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