Bank Only ACH Program

Bank Only ACH Program

Your business can qualify for a cash advance even if you don’t accept credit cards. With our Bank Only ACH program, you’ll receive your funding as a lump sum, and repay it in predetermined daily or weekly installments which are determined after a review of the overall health of your business. This means that your repayment terms are based on what you can afford, and not a dollar more.

Cash Advance Without Accepting Credit Cards

Thousands of small businesses are reluctant to begin accepting credit cards because they already lose a portion of their transactions to their merchant processing company. While some establish a credit card minimum to compensate, they still lose out on profits.

Some banks won’t even consider approving a loan for a small business with no credit card processor. This seems to put the small business between a rock in a hard place, given that they’re forced to choose between losing a portion of their profits and securing the working capital they need to stay in business.

Getting Business Funding with No Merchant Processor

With In Advance, you won’t have to choose. You can continue to accept cash only and still get funding with our ACH bank only program. Just submit our single-page application with a few recent bank statements and receive a funding offer in three hours. Your repayment terms will be determined by the overall health of your business and cash flow, so you’ll never be burdened by a payment you can’t afford. We don’t charge interest either, so you won’t have to worry about your balance growing over time. Once you agree on your repayment terms, you’ll have the money in a business day. Its that simple.

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In Advance Capital, LLC is a leader in supplying small businesses with cash advances. We offer most U.S. businesses quick access to reliable, secure working capital while providing close personal attention, and support. If you need funding to meet planned or unplanned financial needs, please call 1-646-412-3303 now for more information.

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