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About In Advance Capital

Starting a business is tough, but running a successful business is another beast altogether. One of the most stressful aspects of staying in business is managing your company’s finances. It seems simple, but as a business owner, you know that while some expenses are foreseeable, some pop up out of nowhere. That’s where we come in.

The Alternative to the Business Loan

In Advance Capital is the best alternative to the traditional business loan. If your business has been running for at least six months, you can obtain funding for virtually any business expense you may encounter. We’ll get you pre-approved within three hours, and have a funding decision in as little as a day. We won’t ask where the money is going, so save the extensive business plan for the investors. With funding from In Advance Capital you could meet payroll, expand, purchase inventory, replace and maintain equipment, pay off existing debt, launch a marketing campaign, or even save for a rainy day.

It’s Not A Business Loan, It’s A Cash Advance

At In Advance Capital, you’re not taking out a business loan. You are simply selling us a portion of your future profits, and we are advancing you a sum of money to meet your immediate needs. You’ll re-pay us through a percentage of your future sales, which means you won’t be burdened by a slow period.

The Simple Application Process

We make the entire process as simple and painless as possible for you. The application is short and easy and can be submitted on our website. Once we receive your application, we will review it, and one of our knowledgeable financial experts will contact you.

Our Mission

At In Advance Capital, our mission is to provide fast alternative funding options to small business owners and award winning client support. We accept applications from every type of industry, and our approval rates are as high as it gets in the industry. You’ll be satisfied, and your business will thrive, we guarantee it.

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