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Your Business Needs Working Capital

Starting a business is an accomplishment, but staying in business is an ongoing challenge which requires dedication and foresight. How you manage your company’s finances could mean the difference between success and failure. A healthy cash flow and access to working capital to cover expenses are absolutely necessary for staying in business. If you own a small business and worry about where your working capital is coming from, In Advance Capital is your solution.

About In Advance Capital

In Advance Capital is an alternative funder, meaning we provide working capital to small businesses like yours which normally struggle to obtain loans from traditional banks. Even if you do qualify for a bank loan, In Advance Capital may still be your best option, especially if you’re looking for fast funding.

It’s Not A Business Loan, It’s A Cash Advance

With In Advance Capital, you’re not taking out a business loan, you’re selling us a portion of your future sales. This means that you’re not bound by interest rates which increase over time. Your payments will be determined by your revenue, so you won’t be burdened by a slow period.

The Simple Application Process

At In Advance Capital, we pride ourselves on our expedited application, approval and funding process. You’ll submit your application with a few bank statements, and receive your funding in as little as one business day!

Our Mission

At In Advance Capital, our mission is to provide fast alternative funding options and award-winning customer service to small businesses like yours. Working capital is an absolute necessity for any business, but few businesses can thrive on their cash flow alone. We aim to keep America’s small businesses running, so our success story is your success story.

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