Merchant Cash Advance

In Advance Capital offers merchant cash advances.

Once you submit your application and bank statements, we’ll present you an official offer with your repayment options. If your business accepts credit cards, our Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) Program may be your best option. With our MCA program, your funding will be repaid through your merchant processor. You’ll remit a percentage of your daily or weekly credit card sales. Once your funding is paid off, you’ll receive 100% of your revenue once again.

Credit Card Split Funding

One of the key benefits of the Merchant Cash Advance is that you don’t need to worry about your payments bouncing, because your payments don’t come from your bank account. Instead, we simply receive a small percentage of the revenue you generate from your credit/debit card sales, which is done automatically.

Cash Advance Programs With Affordable Repayments

After recession in 2008, the big banks tightened their underwriting standards dramatically, making it almost impossible for small businesses to qualify for loans they can afford. In response, companies like In Advance Capital took it upon themselves to keep America’s small businesses running.

As bank loans are becoming more and more difficult to qualify for, our approval rates continue to increase.

Our application process is streamlined and requires low documentation, so you won’t have to spend a minute longer than necessary. You won’t need to provide a personal guarantee or tax returns either.

Our Merchant Cash Advance offers an easy alternative to traditional small business bank loans. As bank loans are becoming more difficult to qualify for, our approval rates are skyrocketing. With our high approval rate and fast application/decision process, what are you waiting for? Apply now!

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