Small Business Financing

Why Wait for a business loan when you can receive the funds you need in the form of a cash advance today? Thousands of businesses have already discovered the benefits of this quick and easy yet effective method of business financing from In Advance Capital.

How It Works

In Advance Capital offers a variety of options to finance your business quickly. All you have to do is fill out our short application with some basic information and wait a few hours for one of our experienced financial experts to contact you for your pre-approval.

Next, you’ll receive a funding decision and funding in as little as 24 hours. It’s that simple. You can use your funds for virtually any business expense.

How Your Advance Is Determined

The financing programs at In Advance Capital are simple and effective. They involve the following three steps:

1. Your business receives a cash advance from Crestview Financial dba In Advance Capital based on your past revenue. The funding amount and the repayment terms are mutually agreed upon before funding.

2. You remit the advance as a percentage of your sales. Because payment is based upon a percentage of your total sales, you avoid interest charges for long remittance terms. Whether it takes you four weeks, four months, or a year, you always pay the same amount.

3. After you have remitted the advance, you will once again return to business as usual, and receive 100% of your revenue. Business returns to normal, except with a higher cash flow and profit.

Cash Advances vs. Business Loans

In Advance Capital’s cash advance programs differ from traditional business loans in a few important ways:

  • Small business loans may have high interest rates while a cash advance from In Advance Capital comes with no fixed interest rate.
  • The flexibility of a cash advance allows you to run your business normally rather than being burdened by the meticulous terms of a business loan contract.
  • It may take months to receive approval for a small business loan if you’re approved at all. You’ll receive a pre-approval from In Advance Capital in just a few hours, and funding in as little as a day.
  • With a business loan, you need good credit and collateral for approval. You don’t with a cash advance, and a questionable credit score is not grounds for rejection.

Get Funding Today

In Advance Capital, LLC is a leader in supplying small businesses with cash advances. We offer most U.S. businesses quick access to reliable, secure working capital while providing close personal attention, and support. If you need funding to meet planned or unplanned financial needs, please call 1-646-412-3303 now for more information.

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